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Happiness in work is a result of successfully creating things by bringing in line the things you truly like to do with the things you are good at. An individual who loves his work will come home with a positive feeling. This positive feeling results in him being a better partner, a better friend, a better parent, shortly a better human, which results in better relations. Science proved that good relations make people truly happy. Investing in the happiness of employees is investing in your customers happiness.


Observing management history shows us the development of power decentralization and the rising popularity of self management. The next step in this logical line is to make employees partner of the organization to ratio. Combining true employee happiness with the element of ownership to establish true commitment. In this way every individual gets the responsibility to create and maintain a part that they truly love. Every organization is as good as the ideas that are generated by the people working within. Improve the people to improve the organization.


The focus of life today should be lying of finding new solutions to solve problems and keep moving the world forward. Durability is the most important aspect of doing business today if we still want to do business tomorrow. Nothing last forever, things change. Let's make sure the next changes are for a better world.

Do you have any ideas that would make the next change a change for a better world? 


Wine Adventure is a beautiful result of a match between a creative digital business mind and an experienced passionist in the Dutch Wine Industry.

Wine Industry

Financing phase 

International Real Estate

Quicky is a brand new Dutch technological innovation that helps us set foot in the future of the Event Industry. Created by tech lovers together with creative business minds.

Event Industry 

Setting up phase 

Financial Industry

Setting up phase

Clothing Industry

Development phase - The key to a better world lies within the children. One can not act based on information that is not known. Change the children to change the future. 

Schooling Industry